Customer testimonials

I love it!  but, I'm biased...  the idea of GripYOU started with three broken racquets (slipped from hand on serves) and evolved to be a performance improvement product.  For my game, the biggest benefit is for aggressive serving and forehands; a loose snappy wrist enables racquet head speed and ball spin.

4.5 player trying to move up

photoI'm a high school player seeking to make the varsity team - GripYOU helps the racquet to fit more comfortably in my palm.  I can hold the end of the racquet grip with more confidence

high school team, junior

photoI like the grip-rings that help me to hold the racquet consistently and apply my index finger - it fixed my forehand.

USTA 3.0

GripYou is a great addition to the sport of tennis! I customized my grip so that my index finger now can "pull the trigger" for faster racket head speed on my serves and forehands. I strongly recommend GripYou to tennis players of all levels.

Bill Nandor
Head Coach Boys' Tennis 
Amador Valley H.S.
Head Coach Girls' Tennis 
Mission San Jose H.S.