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 “[BG] has helped me to achieve more than I thought possible, in less time that I believed reasonable, to achieve results that I thought unattainable.” – Chris Pogue, Nuix

We help you, as a business or non-profit leader, and your organization, thrive through providing you integrated services such as: Leadership Coaching, developing Empowered Leaders in your organization, Organizational Health Consulting and Leadership Team Coaching among other services.

A balance between Personal and Professional Development – The goal is to equip you, and your leadership team, to excel by paying attention to what matters most: your health, your goals, your priorities, and the team you’re building around you. Our coaching approach is holistic as we believe success is found when all facets of your life are working well. Also, your organization is no healthier than your Senior Leadership Team, so we will come alongside your team to help it become healthier and thus more effective. As your leadership team becomes healthier – so does your entire organization.

Take the first step in developing your customized coaching or organizational development plan and contact BG for a consultation call. We look forward to being able to serve you in your journey to becoming even more effective.

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BG has been working with Security Alarm for several years in an advisory / coaching capacity. He been a great asset as he has helped us in the areas of organizational health, board structure, management team structure and other areas of need. We would not be where we are today without his assistance. Worth every dime! Wish we had done it sooner!

Josh Dice, General Manager, Security Alarm Corporation - Salem, IL

“Recently BG Allen become a colleague, and in short order impressed me with his depth of knowledge and experience in leading, coaching, and guiding individuals at all levels within an organization. His blend of backbone and heart make for a powerful combination, quickly inspiring the degree trust and insight needed to help his clients effectively address challenges and foster remarkable development, professionally and personally. If you are looking to become more effective he can help you.”

Deirdre Danahar, MSW, MPH, LICSW, PCC, Executive Coach | Organizational Consultant - Jackson, MS

“BG is gifted and effective as a professional consultant. I have worked with him and seen him work with several non-profit and for-profit C-level leadership teams to help them with strategic planning, leadership development, strategic initiatives, and creative problem solving. I highly recommend BG’s ability to evaluate and provide the desired results for an organization. He is especially strong in board governance, leadership development, strategic planning, and operational issues.”

Randy Carman, Ed. D. Director of Operations, Ambassador Supply - Fort Wayne, IN

“I’ve known BG for several years and consider him to be the type of friend everyone needs . He has been coaching me for the past few months and he provides exactly what I need. In each session, BG lifts me up in an authentic manner and motivates me to be the best I can be. He strengthens my faith, talks through my concerns and fears, encourages me to do my best and to stretch myself, and provides wise counsel.
His wide range of experience and knowledge is invaluable. I highly recommend BG.”

Carl Wolfe, Stribling Equipment LLC - Jackson, MS

“I have known BG Allen since 2007 where I first met him as an Adjunct Professor of Management in my MBA program. BG consistently gave powerful instruction on leadership, management and the character of servant leaders. BG gave me the ‘want to’ for influential and impactful leadership. Moreover, BG cared about my classmates and me – our relationship built on truth and trust.

I continue to watch the positive leadership impact BG makes through his on-line presence. I track his growing list of clients served, organizations changed, and players developed into healthy and productive leadership teams. Based on my personal experience, I would heartily recommend BG to serve in training and coaching role because of his passion to teach, his ability to communicate effectively, his organizational expertise, his business knowledge, and his practical experience.

Don Holland, Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer - Ancilla College

B.G. Allen knows organization. But more than that he knows organization with a distinctly servant’s heart. I’ve watched him put his expertise into practice and have been personally blessed with the fruit of his ability. The really good part is that he knows how to communicate his knowledge to others in a way that will enhance them as individuals and leaders. B.G. models with his life what he teaches so well.

Dr. Walter Price, Pastor Emeritus, Fellowship in the Pass Church - Beaumont, California

I have had the pleasure of working with BG in several areas throughout the years. I first met BG as my professor during my MBA program at Bethel College. There he inspired me to lead, coach and mentor others. He taught that leadership was more than managing and for me to find my way, to be open to learning from others. Leadership meant to be involved, to show your heart, to listen and actively participate in the vision. He showed and taught me the meaning of being a Servant Leader. As an HR professional I have had the pleasure of seeking his guidance in coaching and developing through his proven success as a mentor, coach, and leader at Life Action Ministries and Coachwell. I feel privileged to know and work with BG in all areas of my walk in my career whether he’s guiding myself or helping me lead my teams. He is an amazing asset and a blessing to have.

Stephanie Colcord MBA, PHR, SHRM-SCP, Ameri-Kart, Bristol, IN

I have had the pleasure of knowing BG for more than 10 years, and mentoring / coaching with him for the past three. His background and experience as a military officer and business executive enable him to provide a perspective that combines tactical efficiency, strategic planning, and biblical principles. During my time working with BG, his unique insight has helped me not only to handle the present complexities of my role, but to also think beyond my immediate focus in a way that prepares me for future challenges. He has helped me to achieve more than I thought possible, in less time that I believed reasonable, to achieve results that I thought unattainable. Bottom line…he’s a pretty good executive coach.

I cannot give a higher recommendation to BG. He is the consummate professional; passionate, motivated, and goal oriented with a healthy balance of compassion, empathy, and social awareness.

Christopher Pogue, MSIT, CISSP, CEH, CREA, GCFA, QSA, Nuix

Mr. Allen recently spoke to our Senior Leadership Team on the topics of Corporate Culture and Organizational Change. He did an outstanding job challenging our group and making us think deeper about these subjects. We are undergoing several big initiatives and his message was very timely. Mr. Allen was well prepared and is very knowledgeable on these topics. He obviously keeps up with a lot of reading in these areas and it was very helpful to our group for him to share these book titles and authors. This helps all of us see a wider view of the issues.

Richard Sims | Senior Vice President - Underwriting , Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company

BG is a stellar business professional, lifelong learner, and exemplar of servant leadership. BG brings a thoughtful perspective to every situation, examining, distilling and synthesizing complex scenarios with precision-like guidance. In every leadership scenario, having BG in the room will elevate the performance of your team.

Julie Armstrong, M.A.E.L. - Director, Project Management & Agency Operations, Wunderman

BG and I had the opportunity to work along-side each other for several years. He is a warm and approachable person who has the special ability to make people feel that he genuinely cares…because he does. BG has the discipline to stay current with academic insights into leadership and organizational dynamics while combining that with practical, real-world application. I highly recommend him for individual coaching as well as organizational consulting.

David Arnold - DIrector, Great Lakes Capital

BG has become a fast friend of our newly formed training and professional development program at Millsaps! As a 1999 Millsaps MBA grad, he understands the high-caliber learning expectations that our professors have for our students. As an adjunct professor for our executive education program, he brings the Millsaps faculty commitment to teaching while drawing from his own unique business experiences, particularly as an executive coach and professional trainer. He contributes greatly to the dialogue around the formation of new executive education programs at Millsaps and brings wisdom and insight to our application of these programs as we work with professionals in today’s rapidly-changing business environment. We’re grateful to have BG on the Millsaps Exec Ed team!

LeAnne Brewer - Director of Executive Education, Millsaps College, Else School of Management - Executive Education

Coach. Mentor. Friend. These are the words that come to mind most often when I think of BG. BG took interest in me and my leadership potential while I was just an intern and he was a top level executive. BG helped shape my perspective of being a people first leader and demonstrated that leading is caring. BG’s extensive and diverse background and care for people makes him a world class coach and consultant. I am confident that BG can help you or your organization thrive.

Brent Paulus - Non-Profit Executive, Life Action Ministries

I recommend BG to anyone who is serious about reaching important goals. In my role as President of Talos Engineered Products, I am lucky to have two sister companies with strong Presidents I can collaborate with on important initiatives and use for internal support. I also report to the CEO of Diakonia who couldn’t be more supportive and helpful. Even with all this support, my progress towards my big goals has really kicked into high gear with BG’s help. My personal goals have been going very well strengthening my family relationships, my spiritual life, and my overall physical health. My big professional goal was to increase the engagement of Talos employees. BG has been instrumental in helping me on this huge undertaking. If you are ready to get serious and be pushed by a great coach, you should reach out to BG for help.

Wayne Clemons, Talos Engineered Products, LLC